delicate neon. @ 2:32 PM

{vintage carrera sunnies | bellatrix lace top | aldo bag | zara jeans & heels}

i must admit, i was never really a fan of pink... let alone NEON pink! i always played it safe with a splash of it here and there. but i was beyond surprised to find out how much i loved this top once i put it on. it oozes with ladylike and relaxed in just one note. & these pictures doesn't do it justice. really.

happy hump day! x


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flirty floral. @ 5:15 PM

{bellatrix coral flow tank (avail. at nordstrom rack) & beginning boutique lace skirt}

as promised, here is an outfit post!

i received this little floral gem a couple of weeks ago and i couldn't be happier with it. it's fun, flirty and floral. haha. & it only seemed appropriate to pair it with my favorite lace skirt-- a perfect combination if you ask me!

anyway, now that cody's 4th birthday party is all done and over with (which, by the way, turned out to be such a success!) ... i can finally relax and take a breather. we're going on a much needed vacation in t-minus 3 days! *insert excitement scream here* so, what are your plans for memorial day weekend?! x


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it's been a while. @ 1:29 AM

some of my DIY wrapped friendship bracelets & wire rings. i had to include my homemade ice cream cupcake which was delicious. haha.

last month, i finished  painting cody's room. the wall that's shown was hand painted by yours truly. it took longer than i'd expected but ms. perfectionist over here wanted everything to be p.e.r.f.e.c.t. & proportional. haha. & since then, i've been crazy busy planning his 4th birthday party which is coming up next weekend! it's quite obvious he loves superheroes! can't wait to post about it. :)


some random shots of cody & the things he loves: gelato, spiderman, family trips & the beach.

if you are following me on instagram, you'll know that i stole this shirt from cody. i honestly didn't have a tshirt to wear ... & well, he didn't mind. hehe

i know it's been a while since my last outfit posts... but i promise things will get back to how they were after this month. happy friday to you all & enjoy your weekend! x

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day & night. @ 2:30 PM

{double breasted navy coatbackless nude shift dress & ladakh lace dress | vintage bag & rebecca minkoff mac clutch | mix color suede round toe pumps (not shown but as seen here) & steve madden heels}

this double breasted coat is incredibly versatile. it's the perfect compliment to a formal, day or evening event. hence, i wore it during the day - for easter sunday morning to church and into the night - for my mother-in-law's birthday dinner. not only is it fitted to accentuate your curves, but the flare at the bottom gives a feminine touch and fun flare. Um… SWOON!


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ombre. @ 5:14 PM

{rubbish chambray shirt | h&m ombre tank & lace crochet shorts | zara sandals}

note to self: get some mosquito repellent. i guess the mosquitoes were really attracted to the orange/yellow ombre. hah. beyond excited for cody's birthday coming up next month. can't wait to show you all some stuff i've been doing to get ready for his special day, but you can get a sneak peek on my instagram (follow me here - @design3rd.) happy thursday!


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