21 Everyday Worries That Every Anxious Person Will Understand

1. Worry about not having a fatal food allergy when trying a new food, even if you’ve never before had a food allergy.

2. Worry about an airplane dropping out of the sky during any plane turbulence. Wonder why no one else appears to be concerned or panicking.

3. Voice mails that are from unknown numbers. Tell yourself that it’s a doctor with bad news, you only have a few weeks left to live.

4. Co workers asking you what you’re up to outside of work.

5. Fearing your appendix is about to burst if you have a stomachache.

6. Being concerned if someone doesn’t answer your texts that they are mad at you or avoiding you.

7. Doing something embarrassing in public areas.

8. Answering questions like “what shall we do this weekend?” or trying to think of something wise to say or fun to watch on television this weekend.

9. Answering the phone when it rings with an unknown number.

10. Being late for work or a date because you are one minute late.

11. Sending an email and fearing that you spelled something wrong, sent it to the wrong person or that you replied to all on the list.

12. Shaking someone’s hand and worrying that they expected a hug, fist bump or something else.

13. Worrying that someone may fall off of the subway platform in front of an oncoming train.

14. Wondering if everyone is laughing because of you, something you did, something your wearing etc.

15. Having to make small talk.

16. Answering a question such as “How are you?” with “not much” or something because you misunderstood or were too nervous to answer properly.

17. Having to use a bathroom when there is not one in sight.

18. Waiting for someone to text back and wondering if you answered too fast or too slow when you want them to know that you are interested in them.

19. When no one replies to a group email fearing that everyone is against you or shunning you.

20. That you’ll over sleep all of your alarms and miss an important meeting or other event.

21. Waking in the middle of the night worried about something awkward that happened in school years ago.

Does anyone still remember the time they threw up on the bus on our class trip?

Tips for A DIY Garden Shed Project Even With Little Expertise

Gambrel ShedMost people think that building a garden shed is something that needs an experienced person, which is why they also shy away from making even the simple decisions for their garden shed. Building one is not that complicated a task neither does it demand high skill levels. People will undermine their way with the hammer, the saw, or the tape measure, but these are key components needed in constructing a shed. Here are a few tips on how to do a DIY garden shed project even if you have little expertise.

1. More Storage Space
Gardening needs various tools, and their numbers might overwhelm the available space you currently have for them. This is one of the reasons why a garden shed is important; it offer a more and well-organized storage space for your current gardening tools and equipment and those you will get in the near future. The shed can also double-up as a workshop where you can do minor repairs on various things.

2. Set Some Time To Plan For The Project
Jumping straight to building the shed without some prior planning spells disaster for the project. You should set some time when you are not busy to plan for the garden shed project. Take some time to research on what you need in terms of materials, ways of constructing the shed, and setting a completion date.

3. Draw Up A Budget
A tight financial situation is one of the reasons why many opt to take the DIY route when building their garden shed. It is a way of freeing up more money that would others wise be spent paying the hired profession; money that can be redirected into making a better shed. Be as it may, drawing up a budget is a safe way of ensuring every penny is wisely spend and accounted for.

4. Iron Out The Details
Having a clear guideline on what to start, what to start with, and how to start is critical. It calls a second look at the building plans to make sure everything is in order and well detailed. This entails visiting building supply stores to check if all the supplies you need are available or even buy them if you have the cash at hand. Make sure you are aware of all the materials, tools, and equipment that you will need for your garden shed project. You can opt to get a second opinion on the plans from your local building construction agents who can offer professional advice on areas that might need some bit of changes. You can also go online and look for other garden shed plans and make comparison to see what else you might add to your plans.

5. Amp Up Your Skills
You should set some time to learn a few extra skills while you plan for the garden shed project. You might be surprised that the new skills you acquire for the DIY project might come in handy for other future projects for your home. Know new ways of roofing, planning, framing, and how to use various tools to do one or more projects.

The Bottom-Line
Your little experience in doing some handy works should not limit you from doing a DIY garden shed project. Take some time to research on what you need to do, learn some new skills are you also better those that you already have, and you will be able to tackle every step of building your own garden shed.

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How To Make A Man Go Crazy For You

does he really love meDo you naturally draw men towards you as a woman? Is it easy for you to not only attract a man, but to also make him want you and want to have a meaningful relationship with you and not just fling? How To Attract Men?

As it is, there are many pitfalls that stand in the way of your chemistry, the connection and the building on these bonds to create a fulfilling, fully committed relationship. They are so many, that you could easily say it is impossible finding a man with whom things will work out.

However, if you could understand a man better in such a way that you understood what attracts him and moves him in his deepest parts, then the difficulties you experienced before could start disappearing and dissolving. This would give you the opportunity to effortlessly move forward towards the kind of satisfying and devoted relationship you have always desired to have.

The truth of the matter is that men are not as complicated as women think they are. They are just different. And because of this, relationships with men can be rather difficult, confusing and a turd bit unrewarding, when they could be fun, easy and fulfilling. However, if you got to understand a man better, then having such a relationship could become a reality.

By now you could be asking “But why don’t the men strive to understand us better?”

Well, they could; and it would be a whole lot better if they did. However, if your relationship/love life is not where you would love it to be, then it is upon you, as a person seeking change, to change it. If you passively wait for others to change so that life improves, it gives them the power to dictate how things go.

But when you take charge and become active in changing it yourself, then you take back the power and put yourself in control. What happens next may be unbelievable

How To Drive A Man Crazy For You

By understanding men, you increase your hold over them and skyrockets your desirability and attractiveness in their eyes. Nothing seduces a man more than feeling that his lady truly understands and gets him.

Funny! Right? But don’t laugh because this is how it works. Once you have understood how and what it takes to connect with someone, and connect with them, they will usually respond in a warm, kind way.

A man’s needs is not the same as a woman’s. As such, loving him your own way doesn’t mean that he is getting what he is looking for as a man. To make any man want you, first understand how he views love. What is his perspective of love? Does he really love me? Then strive to find out what it is he really wants.

How To Get A Better Haircut

Largo Barber ShopI’m sure you know how embarrassing and frustrating it can be to get a bad men’s haircut. Sometimes it is the fault of the stylist or barber who is doing the haircut but sometimes it’s the client who is at fault. If he has expectations that are unrealistic, communicates his preferences poorly or is generally unfriendly, it can lead to a bad haircut. So I’ve compiled some “insiders tips” to help you talk to your stylist or barber and get a great haircut.

1. Make an Appointment

You will often find that salons and barbershops that ask you to make an appointment will generally have higher customer service standards. Usually, a salon that specializes in walk-in traffic makes its money by serving a large volume of people. It is much more likely that they will rush your haircut so they can serve as many people as possible. On the other hand, if you have an appointment, your stylist or barber should not try to rush and should give you plenty of time so that you get the detailed attention that you want. Of course, it is very important that you arrive on time for your appointment and, if you can’t be on time, that you call ahead to let the salon know you will not be coming in.

2. Listen to Your Stylist

Stylists and barbers have been trained and you pay them to make you look your best and to know what hair styles will go best with your looks. If your stylist gives you a suggestion, why not try it? Often, because we are guys, we like to stay in our comfort zone and fall into the habit of getting the same cut every time. But it can be good to change things up and get a different cut. If you are unhappy with it, you can always let it grow (almost always).

3. Be Realistic

Let’s face it, unless you are Brad Pitt, it will be tough for your stylist to make you into him. It’s okay to use a male celebrity to give the stylist an idea of the type of cut you want, but please be realistic in your expectations. For example, if you have hair that is thinning and fine, it’s doubtful that Colin Farrell’s new cut will work for you. It also helps to bring a magazine picture along to give your stylist an idea of the type of cut you want.

Usually, if you’re not being realistic, a good stylist or barber will be willing to let you know and to suggest other alternatives that will look good on you.

4. Bring a Photo

Frequently, it will seem like your stylist is speaking a completely different language. But if you bring a picture, your desires will be clear. So, it’s always better to bring that photo so your stylist or barber will have no doubt about what you want. Often, guys are very reluctant to take in a picture, but you shouldn’t be. Your effort will always be appreciated and your stylist will know exactly what you want. Another way to find a good hair photo is to look through the men’s picture galleries at the salon.

5. Tip Well

Although few stylists will ever admit it, we are almost always more disposed to spend extra time with those clients that are great tippers than those who don’t tip well. If a client is usually generous with the tip, he will often get better treatment when he is booking appointments and will usually get more attention during the haircut itself. For more information about tipping, check out my guide to the appropriate gratuities for your stylist or barber.

6. Find a Barber or Stylist Who Cuts Your Style Well

It’s very rare to hear a friend say: “Bob, your haircut is absolutely great! Who cuts your hair?” It is extremely difficult to get men to discuss their hair but it is important to remember that the fastest way to find a great stylist or barber, especially one who does a great job with your style, is to ask. If you see a guy with a cut that is similar to the one you like, just ask, “Great cut. Where did you have it done?” Most men will see it as a compliment and you’ll be able to locate a new stylist.

7. Show Up Clean and Hat Free

Always go to the barber with clean hair and don’t wear a hat. This is particularly true if you want to get a clipper cut. Almost all barbers like hair to be free of product and clean when they do the clipper work. Wearing a hat will leave a line in your hair that will make it hard to blend the hair correctly. So, always go to your appointment without a hat and with hair that has no products in it and is clean. That way, your barber will be able to assess your hair to see how it naturally likes to fall.

Keeping your hair looking great is not just a matter of communication with your stylist or barber, of course, but if you follow these basics you’ll be very happy!

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Homemade Vs System Aquaponics Kits

An aquaponics system allows you to cultivate freshwater fish along with a variety of herbs and vegetables. The way an aquaponics system works is it circulates water from the fish cultivating tank into the vegetable grow bed. Then the water flows back into the fish tank. This system is self-contained and continuously recycles water. Aquaponics is beneficial for both plants and fish.

The fish tank waste water is pumped into the grow bed. Then it is filtered. It provides the plant with a high nitrogen level. Nitrogen feeds the plant roots which are dangling in the filtered water. These plants are lodged in a gravel bed or clay. Then the water pours into the fish tank again to complete the cycle.

The process produces lush vegetables, herbs and leafy greens in approximately half the time it does for those growing in the ground. In addition, less water is used than with conventional growing methods. There are ready-made aquaponic system kits that you can buy or you can build one yourself.

Tip: There are many communities that offer beginning aquaponic classes.

Aquaponics System Kit

Although commercial-scale aquaponics systems can be quite expensive, they do include everything you need for getting started. It includes the fish tank, electric pump, grow bed, water heater, tubing for transporting water, pH test strips and material for holding the plants. The main advantage to buying a complete kit is everything that you need is all included in one kit.

Apart from the labor needed to install it, there isn’t any running around to look for this part and that part. There are also step-by-step instructions included with a system kit on how to set up your new aquaponics cultivation system properly.

Tip: Check you system on a regular basis to ensure your plants and your fish are thriving still.

Homemade Aquaponics System

You get the same result with a homemade system, however you build it on your own through piecing online aquaponics supplies such as fish tanks, grow beds, and water pump together. The advantage with making your own is you can adjust the scope and size of your system according the amount of available space that you have.
The principles used to put a homemade aquaponics system together are flexible and allow you to use many different methods and sizes.

To find instructions, look online and you should be able to find some easy directions that will show you how to build your own system. Doing it yourself lets you modify your system however you want. You can increase the filtration, fish tank capacity or grow bed size. The system fluctuates depend on the kind of fish cultivated, nutritional content and temperature.

Learn more about a set of Easy DIY Aquaponics Plans Online.

Tip: The best thing to do is begin using a small aquaponics system.

Doing It Yourself Vs Aquaponics System Kit

When you build your own system and use recycled materials as much as possible, you most certainly will end up spending less money than you would for a complete ready-built system kit. However, if you want to have a larger aquaponic system than is a kit offers, you could actually end up spending more money.

The two systems both require a specific amount of energy for both the heater and pump. The heater can be modified to run off of solar power. However, the pump still needs to have electricity. A system kit comes with clear directions along with everything you need for getting started. However, a homemade system allow you to create a unique biosystem of your own.

How To Cope With Toddler Frustration

Toddlers becomes frustrated when they feel unable to control the world around them, and their inability to communicate that frustration to others often turns into temper tantrums. A temper tantrum is a reaction frustration and a way to express anger. As toddlers becomes more verbal and they are able to express themselves better, temper tantrums become less frequent. Parents must help toddlers by learning how to deal with temper tantrums.

Parents can be most helpful in these situations by encouraging a toddlers to express their needs directly, instead of using temper tantrums to get their way. In this way, a parent will avoid the trap of letting temper tantrums become a tactic for a toddler to get what they want.

Temper tantrums are the first steps to a toddler’s independence, however, they still require a tremendous amount of touching and holding to get them through the transition more easily. Close interaction during this period is essential for the healthy development of a toddler’s personality, notwithstanding the fact that it often creates the greatest amount of anxiety, both for the toddler and the parents.

A parent’s task is to aid the toddler’s progress towards independence, and this requires a tremendous amount of affection, and more patience than ever before during this critical phase of development. It may not seem so daunting if parents acquire a thorough understanding of what the toddler is going through.
When a toddler starts crying for no apparent reason, it is usually due to something they want or would like to have done.

The first things to check are the obvious ones, a nappy change, hunger, thirst or just wanting to be held. Once these have been eliminated as possible causes, the toddler will usually give you clues, such as fixing their eyes on something or pointing at what they want. This requires a lot of guessing on the part of parent to finally come up with the right solution.

A toddler will get frustrated when they want to do something but do not have the dexterity to accomplish the task, such as putting on their shoes, dressing themselves or manipulating small parts of toys. They can also be extremely particular regarding the right way to do things, and placing personal objects in exactly the right spot.

Learn how handling toddler behavior problems with help them remove frustration and behave better and reduce your stress level.

Concerned About Your Financial Future? Think Gold

There is not one type of person that chooses to invest in gold for retirement. Rather, the investors are an eclectic group, encompassing traditional investors and those that simply don’t believe the government has their best interests as heart.

The latter group is concerned about interest rates and the value of paper money. In general, they are unhappy with the way the government is operating, and they want to do something to help themselves and their families get ahead. As a result, they use the Internet as a tool to help them find places to purchase gold bullion. Some also want to sell it, too.

If you have a general distrust in the government, particularly with respect to how they handle paper money, buying gold bullion may give you a sense of relief. You may not even necessarily be concerned with how much it costs; some people do not look at purchasing gold bullion as an investment but rather as security for their future.

As a result, individuals that fall into this group generally ignore information about gold bullion IRA accounts. Instead, they are simply concerned about paper money losing its value. They want to have something to fall back on in case they do not have anything with which to purchase goods and services. That is where gold bullion comes in. It is a valuable commodity, and it can be used to purchase items in the future.

Gold bullion is actually pretty easy to purchase; there also should not be much difficulty in storing the coins, either. However, in order to acquire gold bullion, you have to take the initiative. You must search for available coins online and make the arrangements to pay for them and have them sent to you. Your options include purchasing coins from gold bullion brokers, from retailers in your area, or even buying them from another country. Canadian gold bullion is often competitively priced, even when you factor in the shipping costs.

Regardless of your motivation behind buying gold bullion, it is important that you are able to locate and purchase as many coins as you want or need. The value of the bullion does not necessarily matter, either, because your purchase is about so much more than just a monetary investment. Many people are buying and selling gold bullion around the world. If you want to, you can join in without too much extra effort on your part. The reward will be the feeling of security that comes from knowing your financial future is more stable than it was before.

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Gold backed ira retirement accounts are becoming more and more a good choice for insuring future security.

Piano Notes Reading Method- Five Fingers Same Position

learn to play piano at homeThere are some piano books for beginners that start off with introducing five notes. For example, CBAGF for the left hand and CDEFG for the right hand. The same finger position is used, for example the C note is played with the thumb on the right hand and the D is played with the index finger. On the left hand, the C note is played with the thumb and the B note is played with the index finger, and so forth. I refer to this as the “five fingers same position” method.

The advantage to this is before a new note is added, the beginning piano player has practiced similar exercises already. That way they won’t be as confused by the names, rhythm and positions of the notes.

Because many piano exercises use the same finger positions, kids have a tendency to read the finger numbers as the positions of the notes. For example, number 1 on the right hand is C and is played by the thumb always, and number 2 is D and played with the index finger always. The same thing goes for the left hand.

Students seem very fluent in note reading during the early lessons. However, there starts to be a problem when they start to play pieces that do not have “five fingers same position.”

When students need books using “five fingers same position” it is our job as piano teachers to explain right from the very first lesson that it is possible to play a note with any finger. Also it needs to be explained that the numbers for the fingers never change.
So on the right hand, number 1 always represents the thumb and number 2 is the index fingers, etc. The same is true for the left hand.

In order to help students quickly remember their finger numbers, ask that they play as quickly as they can, like play C using finger number 1. Then ask them to play C using finger number 2, etc.

Kids love playing this fun game! Next ask the child to play the same music using any fingers. Write a new fingering inside their book. For example, for the right hand play C using finger number 2 and play D using finger number 3, etc.

When it comes to note reading, there is no such thing as the perfect method. As teachers, all we can do it find one that is suitable for every student. This can be done by merging two different methods.

My preferred method is using the book with “five fingers same position” for the first lesson. However, I use any finger positions and not just the ones in the book.

It is a lot easier and more beneficial to learn things right the first time instead of having to re-learn after making mistakes. However, when students have misunderstandings when it comes to notes reading, whether they are our students who have taken lessons from us from the very beginning or have transferred to us, don’t blame them or the piano teachers either. This doesn’t improve a student’s notes reading.

The best thing to do is re-teach the first lesson. It does take patience and time, and it can be hard to form a new habit or retrain the student.

They might complain and become frustrated.

When you learn to play piano at home you should introduce a fun game, like the one I mentioned above, the lesson will usually become enjoyable again. We can offer our support using positive words. That will lift their spirits so that they continue with the lesson. Also, as teachers, we shouldn’t ever stop learning either.

To learn more about learning to play the piano at home you should read piano for all review at http://pianoplayingadvice.com/piano-for-all-review.

Build A Wood Shed As A Play House Or Storage Shed

Wooden ShedIn my experience, a wood garden shed is an excellent addition to the yard. It’s a great place for all family members to enjoy recreation and fun. When I saw that my grandchildren liked playing house in the barn, I realized that building a wooden shed for them would be a great idea. It would be a special playhouse just for them.

I have also found that a nice wooden shed is a good place for me to keep my tools and other gardening supplies. Many people make good use of wooden sheds as green houses for keeping delicate plants safe from the elements.

Wooden sheds are great for all kinds of things aside from tool storage or keeping plants. If you have plants or other things that need protection from the cold in the winter time, you can set up a nice shelter in your shed. In addition to making a nice playhouse for children and using this kind of building for practical garden uses, there are all kinds of possibilities.

For example, a wooden shed could make a nice little barn if you wanted to keep a small animal such as a goat, miniature horse or donkey. A wooden shed can also be adapted to make a nice chicken coop.

If you don’t like the idea of a wood shed, you can make a nice outbuilding with steel, aluminum, glazed panels or vinyl. These durable, sturdy materials are excellent for sheds that must withstand punishing weather. Of course a shed made of vinyl or steel is an even more permanent building than one made of wood.

Naturally, if you use your shed to keep living things, you will need to provide a light source and perhaps a heat source. You could put in some skylights and/or windows. If your shed is built of corrugated metal, you could alternate panels with glazed plastic panels to allow in some light and warmth from the sun. You can also run electricity to your shed so that you can set up a little quartz heater if needed to keep your plants or animals warm in the winter time.

This is also a good idea if you use an outdoor shed as a children’s playhouse. No matter what material you use to build this sort of shed, you can set it up off the ground to avoid moisture problems, insulate it and install a small quartz heater for winter time comfort. Of course, you must check on your little ones frequently to be sure of safety. Let the kids decide what color to paint the shed. Add a little furniture and some toys, and your kids or grandkids will have their own little hideaway.

You can also build your own outdoor playhouse if you want to. Garden sheds come in lots of different sizes, and you can get one that’s big enough to get together with your chums for drinks, card games, dining, playing pool or what have you.

You can make a little guest house out of an outdoor shed by installing electricity and adding both a heater and an air conditioner. This is an easy, affordable way to get more living space and give your overnight guests privacy and comfort.

If you do not want to run electricity from your house you may want to consider installing a solar panel on the roof along with a contoller and a battery to provide electricity for the shed. You can run your power tools, provide lighting, air conditioning and heat from the power provided through the solar panel system.

It’s easy to see that wooden sheds and other types of sheds are good for a lot more than just storing a few garden tools. When you look into the options in materials and designs and see all the different kinds of kits you can choose from, you are sure to be amazed. Clearly, no matter what your storage, socializing or home improvement needs involve, a nice outdoor shed can help you attain your goals.

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